Microbial Earth Farms

Proud farmers. To the right is a picture of my Dad with one of his first accomplishments as a breeder of championship swine. Here he is shown as winner of a Ham and Loin contest at a campus of the Ontario Agricultural College.

The above center photo is a picture of me winning a Province of Ontario Junior Swine Showmanship award. That was a good year for ribbons and trophies. I have another photo of our county 4-H club in which about 12 of us are shown, and our collective winnings that year. Dad was one of the leaders and it was a fun/memorable time for a bunch of farm boys.

Over time, Dad was able to win a whole bankers box full of ribbons, and another with hardware from the various shows. Mom eventually started giving us the silver plates for champions, as knick knacks.

Our family farm and business celebrated a proud moment in this picture. My dad, John Peter Van Haren, was awarded National champion swine breeder at the Canadian National Exhibition / Royal Canadian Winter Fair. It was quite the surprise celebration as he was right away asked to get fitted for a tuxedo for the evening gala/fancy horse show event where 'town meets gown'. That win has made the miles in our family picture album.