Microcredential Hub

Bite-size trainings for busy teachers!

Welcome! A microcredential is a mini training (e.g. a small credential!) that gives you choice/voice over your professional development.

Here are the steps of using this hub:

1.) Choose a microcredential that will help you as a teacher or leader. Options are listed below.

2.) Spend ~30 minutes completing interactive content - that might be a video, short readings, online activities, or something else!

3.) Complete a short assessment to earn a certificate and/or a gift card!

Personalized Learning:

Personalized Learning 101 - what is PL?

This intro course will introduce you to personalized learning, leaving you with a solid definition of what it is.

Personalized Learning 202 - PL models and implementation

This course goes further into personalized learning, to show you what some models are and to implement them.

Flexible Seating

This course outlines what flexible seating is as part of a PL model, and how to move towards it in your own class.

Personalized Learning: Playlist-based Instruction

Creating content playlists is a great way to provide choice/voice for students, and to personalize learning.

Blended Learning Programs:

NoRedInk 101

This introduction to NoRedInk helps you get up and running while learning about the core features!

NoRedInk for Differentiation

Complete after 101. This training will unlock some of NRI's best features for differentiation.

NoRedInk SEL

This training will get students to lean into Social Emotional Learning!

NoRedInk for Writing

This training will show teachers all the amazing writing features for students.

Khan Academy 101

Khan Academy offers free content for dozens of subjects. Learn the ropes of it here!

Quizlet 101

Quizlet helps you personalize learning and build engagement with various types of practice activities.

Nearpod 101

Nearpod is a dynamic platform you can use to build interactive slideshow lessons that are either teacher-paced or student-paced.

Nearpod 201

This training builds upon Nearpod 101, expanding into the reporting and other capabilities of Nearpod.

EdPuzzle 101

EdPuzzle allows teachers to turn any video into a lesson! Great for blended learning classrooms.

EdPuzzle 201

This course is for users who are already familiar with EdPuzzle who want to further their skills!

EdPuzzle Wildcard

Choose any other training EdPuzzle offers (ranging from equity in the classroom, diversity and inclusion, and more!)

EdPuzzle Wildcard

Choose any other training EdPuzzle offers (ranging from equity in the classroom, diversity and inclusion, and more!)

Newsela Overview

Learn how to use Newsela to provide non-fiction texts at 5 different Lexile ranges.

Newsela in Social Studies Classrooms

Learn how to integrate Newsela into the social studies classroom.

Newsela in Secondary Science Classrooms

Learn how to integrate Newsela into the secondary science classroom.

Wild Card

Newsela has many options for professional learning. Choose any two options!

EdTech Recommended Usage 101

Programs are helpful only when they're used properly. Get the low-down on recommended usage here!

Parent Square for All

Learn how to add a post to all your classes, send a private message to families in their home language, ask for volunteers, etc.


Learn about the

e-hallpass system.

Teaching Strategies and Skills:

Checks for Understanding

This course covers the teaching strategy of checking for understanding (CFUs).

Communication, Logging In + Web Monitoring :

Clever 101

Learn how Clever automagically signs in teachers & students, and shares rosters with more than 300 programs!

GoGuardian 101

Learn how to use GoGuardian, a tool for web monitoring and controlling devices in the classroom.

GoGuardian 201

Level up your GoGuardian skills with its more advanced functionality!

Do you have a training that you'd like to see added? Please email your coach!