2019 Voters Guide

From early voting on April 9, 2019 through in-person election day on May 7, South Bend voters have a unique opportunity to chart the course of our city for at least the next four years. We will soon elect a new Mayor and an almost entirely new slate of City Council representatives.

To help you research your candidates of choice, MSJC has created the following voters guide. Member organizations were invited to contribute one "yes" or "no" question that we then shared with each of the candidates for South Bend Mayor and Common Council. We share those questions and the candidate's answers here below.

Please note that while we asked both Repbulican and Democratic party candidates, voters in the May 2019 primary must declare and vote for a slate of candidates in only one party only.

View the May 2019 MSJC Voters Guide below:

May 2019 Voters Guide