Furnished Rooms for Females

All Utilities Included

1062 Overacre Drive, Bedford, VA 24523

ROOM 1 $250 / Month

(Master Bedroom with Private Bathroom)

Currently Not Available

Full private bath

Walk-in closet

ROOM 2 $225 / Month


Shared use of main bathroom

Walk-in closet

ROOM 3 $200 / Month

Currently Not Available

Shared use of main bathroom

Small closet and additional hall closet

ROOM 4 $175 / Month


Shared use of main bathroom

Small closet and additional hall closet

All rooms include:

        • Electric and water included in price.
        • Twin bed, bedding, dresser.
        • Rooms 1, 2, and 3 have a desk.
        • Access to fully-functional kitchen, washer/dryer, dishwasher, living room, pool, yard, etc...
        • Individual key-locks on each room.
        • High-speed wireless internet.

Rent Payment Information:

        • There is a $25 discount if rent is in my hand by the 25th of the preceding month.
        • Rental is on a month-by-month calendar basis.
        • Rent is due prior to the start of the calendar month in-which the room will be occupied.
        • You will be given a receipt for each month’s rent.
        • I do not require a security deposit.

Basic Home Information

This is an older two-story home. The upper level is set up for tenants. My wife and I live in the lower level.

Home is located off of Rt 460 on Timber Ridge Road in Bedford County. The physical address is 1062 Overacre Drive, Bedford, VA 24523.

The Home Offers

      • A quiet country setting.
      • An acre of yard space.
      • Great view of the mountains and Lynchburg City in the distance.
      • Large front porch.
      • Pool and fire-pit.
      • Plenty of parking.
      • Central heat and air.

Distance to Other Locations

NOTE: This home is not on the LU or Lynchburg Transit bus-line.

Some Basic Expectations And Things You Should Know

While this is a place to rent it is also a home environment. Regardless of who you are or why you are living in the home, these are set in place to help ensure a healthy environment for everyone present and safe refuge for everyone at all times.

      • No dogs or cats in the home. No outdoor dogs. Caged pets only. (No, a dog or cat in a cage does not count as caged.)
      • You are expected to pick up after yourself. This includes cleaning up anything that you have out, and doing your part to not perpetuate clutter. This includes the social living areas such as the living room, bathroom, kitchen area, laundry area, & outside areas.
      • The kitchen is open to everyone in the home and is a communal sharing place. If you have something that belongs to you that you do not wish to share please be sure to label it with your name or initials.
      • Friends are welcome to visit, but are not allowed in the home between 9:30 pm and 7:00 am. This is one of the ways I ensure a safe environment for all those who live here. Please also remember that while friends are welcome to visit and to hang out they are expected to honor the same expectations as you are. Again, this is to ensure all residents have a safe refuge to reside in.
      • Overnight female guests are permitted with permission, on a case-by-case basis, and will be expected to honor the same rules as everyone else in the home.
      • There will be no overnight male guests. NO exceptions!
      • This is a shared family style environment and there will be different temperaments. Please be courteous and respectful of personalities, preferences, and schedules.
      • Most of those living here are working and/or in school so need their sleep. Please be respectful of those who are trying to sleep in the late evenings and mornings. It is courteous to be extra quiet from 10 pm to 6 am when many will be sleeping.
      • I can work with you if you have any concerns or issues, just let me know and I will do whatever I can to make this a safe refuge for my tenants.
      • Please use respectful language. Demeaning, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate language will not be overlooked.
      • There is no smoking in the home or on the property.
      • Alcohol is NOT allowed on the property, regardless of your age.
      • I will not tolerate any illegal substances on my property. No exceptions. Ever. Ever-ever. Ever-ever-ever.
      • Use discretion when choosing music, movies, and the like. What you feed your heart is what you will gradually become. Be aware of what you are feeding your mind, as well as those who are watching and listening with or around you.

If this sounds like it might be a good fit, or is something that interest you, give me a call or text (434-907-9129) or email me at kd4hvz@gmail.com. If it turns out it is not what you are looking for, or is not a good fit, that's fine. No big deal.

Rental Application Process

  1. Be sure to read about each room and the expectations listed above. They will answer most questions.
  2. Click HERE to fill out the online application. It may take up to 10-days to process your application depending on my schedule and the number of applicants. If you would rather visit the home before filling out the application just let me know and we can schedule that.
  3. Stop by and look at the room and talk with me so you and I both know if this is a good fit for you and for those already renting. (If you are renting for a 1-week Liberty Intensive and live out of town I realize this might not be practical and can be skipped.)
  4. If approved and selected I will fill out the Rental Agreement form for you to sign when you make your first rent payment and receive your keys. Click HERE for a sample Rental Agreement. (This is only a sample and you will receive one with your name and room information filled out for you to sign.)
  5. You are free to come and go as you please and to enjoy your new home.

About Me

I and my wife live in the basement level of the home. Given my experience over the years with youth ministry, and teen and collage-aged young ladies living in my home, I have chosen to make these rooms available to young ladies who are age 18 to 30. While our home is open to all young ladies regardless of your spiritual life, renters and visitors will be expected to respect the Godly principles that this home is built on while on the property.

I am a Christian, as such my family & home is based on Christian values. My wife and I attend Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA. I have worked with teenagers for about 20-years and that is where my heart's desire is to continue serving. We enjoy swimming in the pool, having bonfires on the weekends, having friends over for dinner and playing games. We also enjoy going camping often. Over all we really are a pretty easy going family.

My home has always been, and continues to be, open to any young lady in need of a place to stay, to escape the pressures of life, or somewhere to crash while sorting things out. While here, you are afforded the same freedoms, expectations, protection, and love as if you were my own daughter. Whether it is for an hour, a day, or few days, or as a tenant, while you are here you have both a physical and emotional refuge from this world where you are free from judgement and loved unconditionally. I am here as a resource for not only you but your friends as well. Please feel free to call or ask me anything at any time. Come knock on my basement door and I will serve you and help you in any way I can.

Contact Me:

By Phone/Text: 434-907-9129

By Email: kd4hvz@gmail.com