I am passionate about mathematics education. I have aimed to improve my teaching by turning my classrooms into collaborative workshops, where students learn through experimentation and creativity. Read more about my teaching philosophy.

Courses taught:

Current: MATH 211 - Multivariable calculus.

Past (at uOttawa):

  • MAT 1341 - Introduction to Linear Algebra. Syllabus.
  • MAT 1339 - Calculus and Vectors. Syllabus. This introductory course covered differential calculus as well as basic elements of vector geometry and arithmetic. During the vector portion of the course, I emphasized the interplay between geometric and algebraic points of view, and asked students to geometrically interpret vector operations like the dot and cross product.

Past (at UVa):

  • Spring 2018: MATH 1110 - Probability and Finite Math. Syllabus.
  • Summer 2018 and 2017: MATH 5855 - Proofs in Algebra (abstract algebra).
  • Spring 2017: MATH 1310 - Calculus I. Syllabus.
  • Fall 2016 and 2015: MATH 1210 - Applied Calculus I. Syllabus.
  • Spring 2015: MATH 1220 - Applied Calculus II. Syllabus.