Other interests

Diversity in mathematics

Mathematics suffers from a lack of diversity at all levels. Women and certain racial or ethnic minorities are drastically underrepresented in mathematics faculty, and this can contribute to a hostile or unwelcoming environments for students belonging to these groups. At Virginia, I worked with the Office for Diversity and Equity to start a workshop to educate graduate instructors about these problems and ways to combat them.

I condensed this workshop into a presentation for first-time graduate instructors; slides for this presentation are available here.

More details on my work to encourage diversity in mathematics can be found in my diversity statement.


I am passionate about sharing my love for mathematics with those outside the academy. I believe that mathematics is primarily a creative endeavor, but students in elementary schools often don't get a chance to see math as anything but dull calculation and memorization. I coordinated the UVa Math Ambassadors, an outreach group at the University of Virginia which sent pairs of math graduate students to elementary and middle schools in the Charlottesville area to conduct hour-long math enrichment activities. These activities gave students an opportunity to experience advanced topics like Euler characteristic or cellular automata through creative exploration and problem-solving.

Machine learning

I am interested in computation and its application to both my research and other interesting problems. Last year I completed a Kaggle competition with Donald Lee-Brown, in which we attempted to use machine learning to identify species of fish from images taken on the deck of fishing boats in order to combat overfishing and bycatch.

You can take a look at the project here.