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Every website owner dreams of one thing for their site; to have their site #1 on the first page of google. Search engine optimization involves influencing the visibility of a website or page in a web search engines outstanding results, often referred to as organic or natural results. The higher your site appears in the search engines, the more visitors your site receives, and these visitors may be converted into customers. SEO is an internet marketing strategy focusing on how the search engines work, what people search for, the keywords typed in the search engines and which search engines do the target audience prefers the most.

Optimizing a website or page involves editing its content, HTML and associated coding to increase its applicability to specific keywords and to remove the obstacles to the indexing activities of the search engines. Boosting a site to increase the number of inbound links and backlinks is another SEO tactic.

Durham is home to some solid SEO Durham NC agencies dedicated to helping customers generate website traffic and leads through search engine optimization. Having one site among the tens of thousands of websites in the Durham and making sure that people visit you can seem pretty daunting. It will be hard for the potential customers to find you through all the madness and hundreds of other companies on the internet.

Even though most of the SEO agencies are good at what they do, please do your homework and make sure they are the right fit for your company.

Commonly known as the SEO big dogs, search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing, will review your website content and scrutinize its inbound and outbound links to determine your business or organization’s credibility. In the best case scenario, a search engine will decide that our site is trustworthy and that your content is useful. It will then reward you by pumping your website up the search results order which creates traffic to your website.

To maximize your credibility and other major search engines, many some companies in Durham come in handy. All these companies are committed to refining your site content for the engines, generating more user searches and developing appropriate success indicators. They will do this by

Michael Rayburn SEO

Crafting exceptional content

The quantity and eminence of content on your site are important to search engine optimization. Content should be fresh, helpful and informative and focus on your area of expertise for it to generate traffic to your site. Moreover, major search engines like Google recompense sites that excel in the overall user experience. Even though social media is increasingly becoming more significant in SEO rankings, the fact remains that the engines will not be ignoring the website content anytime soon. Writing unique content is not a one-time thing, either: One intelligent new item will not remain relevant for a few months before you write another exceptional piece. Instead, you need a dedicated search engine optimization crew dedicated to regular updating. Exquisite SEO content includes press releases, blog posts, regularly updated page content, news articles, new website feature items, and testimonials.

Keyword research

To effectively generate web traffic, the companies perform extensive research on keywords to discover the kind of keywords and phrases that people commonly use when searching for services such as yours and integrate those keywords and phrases in your content. Optimizing the keywords allows to you to aim at specific geographies, like Durham, N.C., at the same time screening out the obnoxious “Internet noise” of millions of other national and global businesses. Targeting your local Durham N.C., the audience is a splendid idea, because these are the potential customers with high chances of searching for and using your services. Careful, strategic optimization of your site’s content will support, your content flow by commanding attention from search engines.

SEO Analysis

Tracking and reporting results is a proof of our efforts. Our SEO team continually tracks traffic data and monitors keyword rankings for businesses or organizations. Because keyword rankings keep shifting, your SEO analyst will regularly appraise your account to keep in toes with your rankings and generate monthly reports to show how your targeted keywords are performing for you. They will search your website to collect data about seven core technical SEO areas: images, search engine visibility, content, metadata, links, semantics and schema and page speed. They identify and remove all links that cause detrimental effects on your site and SEO performance.

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO is the process of elevating your website across the internet. The objective is to build brand awareness, boost rankings in the search engines and to attract visitors from third party websites. The process is continuous- it’s not the sort of idea you do once and forget about; remember SEO in its quintessence is aggressive by nature; ensuring that you often modify and improve your link portfolio is the only way to ensure leading rankings over the long term.

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Google Penalty Removal

Google penalties are manual actions or algorithms like google panda and google penguin algorithms that cause a massive drop in your website performance. The SEO agencies remove the site-wide penalties.

Website Audit/MOT

Running a fully comprehensive onsite SEO and link profile checks, identifying all key areas where your website is performing well and where it is still lagging behind and offering solutions on how you can best resolve the concerns.

Link Acquisition

Links are one of the basic signals Google uses to help it determine where to rank websites in its Results Pages.

Loading Time Optimization

A plodding website is unpleasant for both usability and SEO; implementing highly advanced server and client side modifications to your site that can significantly improve site loading times and ultimately help your site function better and to SEO as well.

Our agency works with all types and sizes of businesses, focusing in and around Durham NC. To get your company’s site ranked highly on the internet start by allowing us to optimize your website so that search engines, will put your sites information at the top of the page for “maps and natural organic” results. Michael Rayburn SEO has great success with their SEO services including local small businesses, charities, and larger organizations. It is very common for our company to create so much authority in googles eyes that our clients end up ranking on the first page of Google for national search terms. Our business is helping other businesses thrive in the Search Engines. Optimization Services are more than just about how well your website is optimized, for us it is a way of life that forms long lasting relationships and associations.

If you are looking for an affordable SEO company that is results driven, then give contact us today! We are always happy to prove examples of work, and references! Our agency focuses on locations and topics like “SEO Durham NC”. We do this because we focus on helping great businesses get great results online. This is our passion!

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