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The Man Who Didn't Exist
Greatest Unsolved Mystery

The Man Who Didn't Exist presents a selection of quatrains — four-line poems — on a variety of topics like love, life, place, wheels, art, and philosophy. Until We Learn to Rise is a second collection of exceptional short poems on life, love, philosphy, et cetera. Greatest Unsolved Mystery is third in a series presenting shorter poems on similar topics. Hope Springs Eternal Still includes beat, word, and sentence poems.

Some of these poems are are light; others aim for something a little deeper. All are quick. Just when you decide you don't like one, you're on to the next one.

In the first book, each poem is paired with a dedicated images to add perspective and pique interest. The second and third books also include images for many poems. The third and fourth volumes offer several examples of the author's sentence poems, the latter being presented in web design format (so available only in e-book).

From a Vermont writer who takes brief breaks from bow hunting moose to pen minor classics. Available through Cosmic Burst Press on Amazon in paperback and e-book format .

Hope Springs Eternal Still