University of Göttingen (since 2017)

Comparative Politics

Thesis Advising

  • Adviser for one BA and three MA theses

Humboldt University of Berlin (2014–2017)

Comparative Politics

  • Advanced BA course: Democracy and the Rule of Law under Stress in Central and Eastern Europe (in German)
  • MA course: Political Corruption and Anti-Corruption Policies in Southeastern Europe (in German)

Thesis Advising

  • Adviser for one MA thesis

Angel Kanchev University of Ruse (2013)

European Politics

  • BA lecture: The Democratic Deficit of the European Union. Structure, Causes, and Reform Proposals

University of Greifswald (2006–2014)

Comparative Politics

  • MA course: Changing Stateness (with Stefan Ewert; in German)
  • MA course: The »Color Revolutions« in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (in German)
  • MA course: Constitutional Politics in Germany (in German)

Political Theory and the History of Political Ideas

  • MA course: Systems Theory in Political Science (in German)
  • MA course: Theory and History of Constitutional Review (in German)
  • MA course: Modern Theories of Democracy (in German)
  • Advanced BA course: Max Weber’s Political Theory (in German)
  • Advanced BA course: Modern Theories of Power (in German)
  • Advanced BA course: Niklas Luhmann’s Systems Theory (in German)
  • Advanced BA course: Theories of Nationalism (in German)
  • Introductory BA course: Mixed Constitution and Separation of Powers (in German)
  • Introductory BA course: Niccolò Machiavelli’s Political Theory (in German)

Thesis Advising

  • Adviser for 29 BA and six MA theses