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Other topics I'm thinking about writing posts on...

  • Global Warming/Climate Change compared to religion
  • The Best Podcast in the Universe (The No Agenda Show)

A lot of times I will think of a topic to talk about and I never end up doing anything with it. I will post some idea outlines here. I might circle back and fill in more information. This isn't a typical weblog or blog. I'm not going to make this very polished unless I learn how to make money off of it easily.

Information Paralysis

Making the right choices can be difficult


  • Getting the best deal on something takes effort
  • Knowing what the best product is takes effort

Have you ever gone to the store and wondered if you're getting the best deal on a product?

How Social Media is Destroying Itself

Feature creep, spam, and the Worst of humanity


  • The simple ideas of social media sites have grown like uncontrolled tumors
  • People do not create services, organizations do
  • Marketing and businesses have shoved their way into our faces
  • Live streaming will continue to be a problem for services

Back when I was in junior college, Facebook required an email ending in .edu in order to join. Its interface was simple and clean compared to MySpace. MySpace allowed you to insert graphics and animations, change the background and play music when you got to pages. People liked Facebook more for this reason. Now that Facebook is where everyone is (or seems to be), you are left out if you are not there. If you look at Facebooks main page it lists a footer with these links:

Facebook does a lot. It feels like it does too much... but why not?

Facebook is the New A.O.L.

Has Facebook peaked?


  • Facebook has changed a lot since it began
  • How much more can Facebook grow?
  • Health concerns
  • Privacy and paranoia
  • Power

For many people that began using the internet (or should I say 'got on-line' as in used their dial-up modems to dial into the internet), AOL or America Online was the internet. In an effort to make the internet easier to use, AOL built a graphical user interface that was effectively a portal to accessing many things people use. You could use the internet normally without AOL's interface once you dialed in but I suspect many novice users never fully understood that there was anything else

Cutting the Cord(s)

Truth in advertising

2018-02-11 (updated 2018-12-30)

  • Companies waste a lot of money on advertising
  • Traditional advertising is not effective
  • Many in the current system will fight to preserve it
  • Technology can improve efficiency
  • Customers are the best advertisers
  • The best product should win, not the best ad campaign
  • Google is an advertisement company
  • Most social media companies are advertising companies. You are the product.

Last weekend we celebrated the most popular annual televised event. $4.5 million dollars bought you 30 seconds in front of an estimated 103,400,000 people. Many companies presumably spent much more than that in production of their elaborate commercials.

Do people make their decisions based on advertisements? Should people make their decisions based on advertisements? Are advertisements truthful?