Unemployment and Vacancy Dynamics with Imperfect Financial Markets,
Labour Economics, 50, 128-143, 2018
co-authors: Carlos Carrillo-Tudela and Klaus Wälde

Labor Income Dynamics and the Insurance from Taxes, Transfers, and the Family
Journal of Public Economics, 127, 58-73, 2015
co-authors: Richard Blundell and Magne Mogstad

Publish or Perish? The increasing importance of publications for prospective economics professors in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland
German Economic Review, 9, 457-472, 2008
co-authors: Andrey Launov and Klaus Wälde

Work in Progress

"How Americans Respond to Idiosyncratic and Exogenous Changes in Household Wealth and Unearned Income"
Revise and Resubmit (2nd round) at the Quarterly Journal of Economics

co-authors: Mikhail Golosov, Magne Mogstad and David Novgorodsky

"High Frequency Income Dynamics"

new version, November 2021
co-authors: Jeppe Druehdahl and Thomas H. Jørgensen


"Partial Insurance with Earnings, Incomes and Housing"
co-authors: Richard Blundell and Magne Mogstad

"Labor Income Dynamics over the Business Cycle"

"Labor Market Frictions, Human Capital Accumulation, and Consumption Inequality"
co-author: Jeremy Lise