Recommended Links

This section of my website aims to provide you with useful information from others. If you know of any links or websites that believe will be useful to others, please Contact Me.

"Am I Normal?"

Channel 4 interviewed me at the Autism Show in London, 2018, about It's Raining Cats and Dogs for their "Am I Normal?" series.

"Swim like a fish - Understanding Autism"

My drawings have been used in "Swim Like A Fish - Understanding Autism", a book aimed at the swimming teacher to give an understanding, practical solutions and strategies to teaching swimming to swimmers with autism.

"Super-parenting" improves children's autism

Long-term study of parents receiving specialist education on autism makes a huge difference.

Ford Eyes Workers With Autism

Ford is yet another large company looking to tap the potential of workers on the spectrum.

Am I Autistic?

Acquiring a professional diagnosis of autism is a highly complex procedure and this well researched book is one of the first of its kind in informing people of an alternative - the little known area of self-diagnosis for autistic adults.


A must-read book that shows just how multidimensional autism really is.

Autism in the Work Place

A fantastic document written by Janine Booth.

Rise of the Autistic Workforce

Neurotypicals need not apply - big business headhunts people with autism.

How Workers with Disabilities Give Companies an Edge

An article from The Globe and Mail about the advantages of hiring somebody with autism.