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In this section you will find numerous articles about me, collected from all over the internet. Enjoy! If you find any others please let me know.

Autism, coding and VR with Microsoft and CASPA

Microsoft, Dennis Publishing and CASPA, the charity for which I am patron, all come together in a unique event I organised to help autistic people into the world of employment. - 7th July 2016

Autism - straight from the horse's mouth

An article based on the talk I gave introducing employees at Dennis Publishing to their 2016 charity of the year, CASPA. - 8th April 2016

How Was Your Day Joe?

Michael Barton features in a Radio 3 programme in which he was interviewed by an autistic boy's mother exploring his thought processes during the transition from school to home.

Radio 3 - 8th August 2015, 21:30 (originally broadcasted 7th June 2014)

World Autism Awareness Week 2015

Michael Barton visits Bromley College and shares his experiences with staff and students for World Autism Awareness Week 2015 and the successful conclusion of an 18-month Ambitious about Autism – “Finished at School” Project.

Bromley College - 25th March 2015

Author Visit - raising awareness of the reality of autism

Gareth D Morewood reviews Michael Barton's visit to his school during Michael's UK tour.

SENCology - 10th November 2014

Autistic author explores English Language from a unique perspective in "A Different Kettle of Fish"

Michael Barton features on website

Homecare - 3rd November 2014

The New Idealist

Here Michael features in "The Autism Issue" of the New Idealist Magazine, Issue 6, in an article entitled "The Strengths of Autism".

The Intelligent Review - 2nd August 2014

Michael Barton BBC Surrey 2/7/14

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Michael Barton was interviewed by James Cannon on BBC Surrey.

BBC Surrey - 2nd July 2014

The Autism Commute

Michael Barton, 22, has high-functioning autism and has just finished a degree course. He is currently promoting a new book - his second in three years, entitled A Different Kettle of Fish - A Day in the Life of a Physics Student with Autism.

BBC Ouch - 30th June 2014

Autistic Scientists Might One Day Prove to Be the World's Saviours

Michael Barton explains the potential that people with high-functioning autism have in the world.

Huffington Post - 2nd June 2014

Hitting the nail on the head for people with autism

Physics undergraduate Michael Barton unlocks the mysteries of everyday expression for those on the autistic spectrum.

University of Surrey - 25th November 2013

Growing Children - Autism

A documentary presented by Laverne Antrobus about understanding the different way that the brain works in those with autism, in which Michael Barton was featured.

BBC4 - August 2012

Mapping the language minefield for kids with autism.

Going bananas. Laughing your head off. Phrases that aren't literally true make no sense if you have autism, like Michael Barton

New Scientist - 2nd April 2012

Tips for surviving school for young people on the Autism Spectrum by Michael Barton

Michael Barton is a student with high functioning autism. In this 60 second (short) interview, he gives his top tips for surviving school and shares some artwork from his new book, It's Raining Cats and Dogs, and his hopes for the Autism community. Can you share some of the challenges you, as an individual on[... read more]

Jessica Kingsley - 13th April 2012

An Interview with Michael Barton, creator of a new illustrated guide to the confusing world of idioms and metaphors

"I never actually drew the pictures to be entertaining! I did the drawings because that's what I thought when I heard the expression... However I soon realised that people found my drawings amusing because they then realised how little sense the English language makes!"

Jessica Kingsley - 14th November 2011