Dr. Michael Jankowski

Postdoc at the University of Oldenburg


I am a political scientist interested in the analysis of electoral systems (in particular open-list PR systems), legislative studies, EU’s performance in international institutions and social science research methods. Since March 2017 I work as a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair for the Political System of Germany at University of Oldenburg, where I also received my PhD in Feburary 2017.

On this webpage you can find information about my publications, teaching, and how to contact me.

Full-text access to some of my published articles and most of my working papers can be found on my ResearchGate Profile.

TADA - The Text as Data App

Together with Stefan Müller (Trinity College Dublin) I am currently developing TADA - The Text as Data App, a graphical user interface (GUI) for quantitative text analysis. TADA is written in R Shiny and mainly based on the quanteda R package. The source code can be found on github. The browser based version of TADA can be accessed here. Feedback is very welcome as the project is work in progress.

The Local Manifesto Project (LMP)

Together with Martin Gross, I am leading "The Local Manifesto Project (LMP)". This app is a new resource for analyzing local party competition by providing scholars with the opportunity to use several text scaling and topic modelling techniques. Further information on "The Local Manifesto Project (LMP)" can be found here.

Recent publications

2018. One Voice or Different Choice? Vote Defection of EU Member States in the United Nations General Assembly, The British Journal of Politics and International Relations, conditionally accepted (with Nicolas Burmester).

2017. Ineffective and Counterproductive? Evaluating the Impact of Gender Quotas in Open-List PR Systems, Politics & Gender, online first (with Kamil Marcinkiewicz).