Life Coaching

What is life coaching?

There are many definitions of the term 'Life Coaching' but broadly speaking it is about exploring your possibilities and potential as a human being. This could involve, for example taking time to get clear about what you REALLY want to do with your life. This alone is an achievement because having a strong sense of purpose is not only a key contributor to happiness but it also gives you an advantage over others who are simply 'muddling through' from day to day. Once you have a clearer view of what you want, life coaching will help you to set a path towards that goal.

Couldn't I do all that by myself?

Certainly it's possible to perform these mental tasks alone but the reality is that most people don't, or aren't able to get really clear in their minds about where they are going without some outside help. The coaching 'space' that exists between coach and client greatly facilitates and enhances the process of discovering your potential, giving you far more motivation and a greater likelihood of success. The coach will prompt you with questions and guide you towards using your own resources to discover solutions that will suit your needs.

Isn't it a bit expensive? I could talk to a friend for nothing over a pint.

Life coaching is not the same as a cozy chat with a buddy. The life coach is a neutral professional who will call you to account, remind of your core values and generally prompt you rather than giving direct advice, unless required. Life coaching is a confidential conversation where you can feel free to explore, understand how you may have become blocked in the past and how to remove those blocks. Regarding cost, life coaching is a long-term personal investment where you are likely to see immediate gains. How much is it worth to you to get the life you would like to live?

How long does it take?

This is up to you. It depends what you are hoping to achieve. It could be just two or three sessions or it could continue over a period of years. Generally speaking you will have one session of one hour per week, or one every two weeks and many coaches recommend an initial commitment of six sessions, but this number can vary depending on your circumstances.

Where does the coaching take place?

The sessions occur at a convenient location and can also be done via Skype if you are not able to have a face-to-face encounter. Meetings can take place at the coach's home, your home (if you can provide a space free from distraction) or a public space where you will feel comfortable to share your thoughts.

How can I get started?

You might start thinking about what you would like to achieve in a coaching environment before contacting me on 07730-040-783 or and I will get back to you soon. We can have an initial chat about your goals before scheduling your first session.

I look forward to working together!