About Michael Brooman

Summary of personal history:

  • Born in Sussex, United Kingdom
  • Degree in Fine Art at East London University 1985.
  • Started teaching English to foreign students in Sussex.
  • Became qualified as a teacher of English as a foreign language (CELTA) 1994.
  • Deep interest in personal development.
  • Diploma in TESOL 1996.
  • Went to Japan in 1997 to teaching English.
  • Lived in Tokyo for 11 years and worked for many Japanese companies.
  • Returned to London 2008.
  • Became graduate of Landmark Forum and advanced course 2010.
  • Became a Life Coach with Animas Coaching London in 2016.
  • Wrote a book and continue to work in creative fields as coach and artist.
  • Training teachers in Malta on Erasmus program.

Other activities:

  • singer-songwriter (still active) making indie music.
  • writer
  • reader and continuous learner