Partial list

Mark White - Lemoncove:

I’ve lived in Tulare County all my life and I currently live in District 1. Over the years we have had some excellent county supervisors that were accessible and responsive to their constituents by listening to their concerns, answering tough questions and being a strong voice for our community. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been my experience in recent years. I live in an unincorporated, rural area of Tulare County and even though my issues and concerns are going to be different than those who live within the city limits, they are no less important. We need someone who will listen and work for ALL their constituents. I know Larry to be a man who listens, finds solutions and gets things done. He’s the man I want in county leadership. My wife and I are proud to endorse Larry Micari for Tulare County Supervisor, District 1.

Three Rivers

  • Kevin and Kathy Bohl
  • Glen and Susan McIntyre
  • Kyle Stark
  • Doug and Barbara Bodine
  • Spencer Jensen
  • Annie Hayes


  • La Mejor Del Valle
  • Ralph Vasquez
  • Rosa Vasquez
  • Rod Vasquez
  • Donald Mason


  • Jay Zike
  • Jimmy Reid
  • Joe and Jolena Cristan
  • Tulare County Sikh Community
  • Jaques Khal
  • Suzi Picaso


  • Bill Wittman, Retired Tulare County Sheriff
  • Ken Marvin, Retired Kings County Sheriff
  • Tony Salerno
  • Basil Perch
  • Tony Benevento
  • Ken Williams
  • Steve Maaske
  • Mel Borbolla
  • Joe Russell
  • Danny Freitas
  • Pete Alvitre
  • David Humerickhouse
  • Larry Peltzer
  • Don Landers
  • Craig Van Horn
  • Barry Sommer
  • Sharon and Everette Crook
  • Rocky Pipkin
  • Gene and Bry-Ann Ruby


  • Deep Sidhu
  • Randy Grewal
  • John Billiou
  • Mike Ennis Retired Tulare County Board of Supervisors

Lemon Cove

  • Mike and Jessica White
  • Craig and Lena Jones
  • Cody and Carrie Bogan


  • Richard “Butch” Gist
  • Gerald Nunes
  • David Ribeiro
  • David Macedo
  • Greg Fernandes
  • Brent Sparlin
  • Dahl Cleek - Undersheriff - Retired - Tulare County Sheriff's Department
  • Larayne Cleek - Court Executive officer - Retired - Tulare County Superior Court


  • Dennis Smith
  • Mike and Gaylene Scott
  • Angel Galvez
  • Joe and Mary Ferrara
  • David Nielsen
  • Garrett German
  • Barbara Sally
  • Venida Packing, Inc.
  • David Cosart
  • Mike and Michelle McLean
  • Dewayne Faulkner
  • Ron Faulkner

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