Mi & Yu

Mi and Yu Photography

Welcome to my website.

I am Miranda, a 26 year old photographer in the Netherlands.

I re-started with photography because of the cosplay community.
I took a notice a lot of cosplayers did not feel safe to ask for a photoshoot with a photographer. Hearing and seeing this broke my heart and one of my goals is to help models feel safe and secure.

I enjoy taking picture's, but the picture's are for you.

Drawing and crafting of all kinds of things are also some things i enjoy. These arts and crafts will be shown on my instagram and youtube!

I love to take picture's of animals.

Pets and wildlife are both animals who i love to watch for hours and hours.

With animal Photography you can not tell the model to just sit still and look this way.
Patience, love and care are very important when you take picture's of animals.

I would love to take the time and create the best shot for you and your pet.

Cosplay is a hobby done by many people all over the world.
Cosplay is dressing up and sometimes acting like a character from a show/anime or cartoon you like/adore.

My love for photography got awakened again by the cosplay community. Like any community, cosplayers have to deal with some not so nice or rather perverted photographers. Also plussize and colored cosplayers get a lot of negativity and hate.
Seeing and hearing this broke my heart and it made me want to pick up photography again.
I take a lot of effort and care when shooting with a model. I try my best to take care of their insecurity's and give the character they love so much the best view i possibly can.

Nature photography is one of the things i enjoy but always forget to mention.

Walking out in nature with our pet dog Misty or just going to a city and seeing the bees in the flowers next to the road.

Nature photography is more then taking a picture of a flower. Its trying to tell a feeling with the click of a button.
Nature is everywhere, Lets enjoy and care for it together.

Fashion is a new found hobby of mine, and with fashion comes showing it. My goal this year is to do a lot more fashion photoshoots.

Not only Planned and stiped photoshoots, but also on the streets of city's. I hope I will meet you in the future!