Filo dough, walnuts, butter, sugar, cinnamon and natural flavoring

Blueberry cake

Flour, blueberry, sugar, eggs, butter and natural flavors

Mediterranean Cookies (Kaak)

Flour, butter, sugar, dates, walnuts and special seasoning

Petit Fours

flour, butter, sugar


Fave beans, parsley, coriander, onion and natural seasoning

* Vegetarian option

Eggplant Salsa

Eggplant, tomato sauce, spices and natural flavors

Grape Leaves

Grape leaves, rice, tomatoes, olive oil, parsley and seasoning.

*Vegetarian option


Flour,potatoes, peas, spices, butter

Spinach Pie

Filo dough, spinach, feta cheese, butter, olive oil and natural seasoning


Garbanzo beans, tahini, lemon juice and spices