Upcoming events

Introduction to Quant Trading Workshop

Our graduate advisors are answering your questions, sharing valuable information for beginners and intermediate traders alike.

See you on Feb 09 at 7pm, ISEB 1310.

Past events

Deluxe Quant Career Panel


We had invited 3 esteemed guests from top firms such as SG Advisors, Capital Group, and PIMCO, to share their experiences working as quants as well as any tips for students.

UChicago Competition & Resume Workshop


We hosted a meeting for applicants to the UChicago Midwest Trading Competition, as well as a resume workshop.

Blackjack and UChicago Midwest Competition Application Workshop

We incentivized 10 teams to apply to the UChicago Midwest Trading Competition, explained the basics of blackjack, and awarded the winner of our trading competition hosted on Investopedia.

Career in Finance Panel


Introducing great panelists from esteemed firms around Orange County, our members approached these impressive individuals with insightful questions and made great points of contact within the industry.

Kickoff Event!


To officially begin our club, we invited MFC's official advisor Professor Ludwig to share his experience on Wall Street, PIMCO, and advanced research. Our board members introduced themselves as well.