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DC Math Ignite 1 - September, 2014

DC Math Ignite 2 - April 2015

DC Math Ignite 3 - September 2015

DC Math Ignite 4 - April 2016

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September 10th, 2015 @ EL Haynes PCS

Running a Math Club - Jacoby and Bax - (Slides) (Resources - Email Sarah or Alex for Access)

Math Classroom Norms - Penn (Slides)

Geometry PLC - Ogunsile and Jacoby (Slides)

October 15th @ Wilson High School

Gathering Math - Davis (Handouts)

Getting Students to Persevere...What? - Bax and Holcombe (Slides)(Resources)

Pi is Wrong! How a new circle constant makes radians easy and Intuitive - Herbert (Slides)

Forming AP Vertical Team - Ogunsile (Slides)

Social Dynamics and Math Discussions - Herbert

November 5th @ Wilson High School

Voting Paradoxes - Salerno (Slides) (Handout)

Proving Trigonometry Functions - Ogunsile (Slides)

Facilitating Mathematical Discourse - Holcombe

December 10th @ Two Rivers PCS

Spiraling and Estimating Do Nows/Warm Ups - Kramer and Bax - (Slides)

Deepening Students Conceptual Undertanding of Polynomial and Quadratics Algebra Tiles - Davis (Resources)

Investigating the TRU Framework - The 5 Dimensions of Powerful Classrooms - Stafford (Handout) (TRU Rubric) (Conversation Guide)

January 7th @ EL Haynes

Gathering Math: Using Trig to Approximate π - Tansey (Handout)

Assigning Competence - Penn and Herbert (Handout)

Using Packets for Continous Pacing and Feedback - Kramer

Exploring PARCC Problems - Bax (Resources)

Writing Your Own Exams - Hoyt (Slides)

February 4th @ Capital City PCS

Gathering Math - Solving Rubik's Cube - Day (Slides)

Inclusive Classrooms - Davis (Resources)

Making Math Beautiful- Glasspiegel

Tech Toys - Jacoby (Resources)

Social Complexity Structures in the Math Classroom - Kramer (Social Structures Continuum)(Accountable Talk Tracker)(Accountable Talk Resources)

March 11th @ Columbia Heights Educational Campus

Pi Math! - Jacoby (PDF)

Rigid Motions in Geometry - Penn (Slides) (Further Resources)

Desmos by Design - Stafford

The Differentiated Classroom - Ogunsile

Speaking, Writing, and Listening - Davis

April 1 @ Wilson High School

Riddler - Stafford

Teacher Advocacy - Tansey

Interactive Math - Reinthaler (Exponential Growth) (Lattice Points) (Walking a Circle) (Volume of a Kid)

Algebra Workshop: System of Equations & Inqualities- Davis

Higher Order Questioning - Holcombe

May 6th @ Two Rivers PCS

Wide World of Whiteboards - Stafford

Uncovering Google Websites - Ogunsile

Building on Student Ideas - Herbert

Teaching Social Justice via Two-Way Tables- Chien and Day