As a journalist in MEU Vienna, it is your responsability to get all the latest news, insights and positions out there, becoming one of the most exciting parts of the conference. You will probably need to interview MEPs, Commissioners and Ministers, but it’s not only that. You will have the possibility of making a newspaper, a video-blog, a radio session or taking photos and join Press Conferences, where you will be able to ask directly the European representatives in front of a public audience. Every day, one or several editions of the newspaper "jEUrnal" will be released. The editorial line is not established and it’s your choice to take one. The more involved you get on the conference, the new ideas you’ll be able to produce. Your role is acting as the „real press“ would act, and there are multitude of tendences. Usually, our famous jEUrnal has a satirical-critical humorous tone combined with a couple of serious articles about what’s going on in the chambers, but it’s up to you and your team to change it.

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