All workers in the EU should be provided with an adequate wage!

Did you know that currently 21 Member States set their minimum wages through statuary minimum wages and 6 through collective bargaining.

The European Commission prefers when minimum wages are set through collective bargaining.

This is why the EU Commission aims to promote collective bargaining and make sure that in countries that rely on a collective agreement, all workers are covered and protected by a functioning bargaining system.

Member States should make sure they enforce these provisions correctly, ensuring that workers are properly covered. This would benefit both workers and businesses!

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Proposal for a Regulation setting up a Union regime for the control of exports, transfer, brokering, technical assistance and transit of dual-use items.

The EU aims to limit the trade of dangerous goods, software and technologies which could be used by third countries for military purposes.

Did you know that for the past decades, European companies have been selling dual-use items to authoritarian regimes.

Dual-use items are items which can have both civilian and military applications, such as cyber surveillance tech, nuclear materials, encryption systems...

The sizeable volume of trade in them means that the dual-use sector is a very important part of the EU economy.

Dual-items sold by European companies are used by authoritarian regimes to crack down political dissidents, activists, journalists and minorities.

This regulation aims to make it harder for companies to sell these items to hostile third countries, while still striking the right balance between security, human rights and unduly restrictions to businesses.

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