Is it possible to pay the participation fee upon arrival?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay upon arrival, since you confirm your participation with your payment.

Can I get a refund on my participation fee?

If you really can’t come, you should tell us as soon as possible (so we can find somebody else for your spot).

The participation fee is only refundable for cancellations before the established date (you will be informed via email). After that, unfortunately we can not refund your fees.

I have special food requirements. Is this a problem?

Please indicate any special food requirements in the application form. For lunch there will be two meals you can choose from. One with meat/fish and the other one vegan.

If you have any further requirements such as allergies, we will do everything we can to make sure you’ll get everything you need.

I live in Vienna. Do I also get accomodation?

The hostel we provide is very nice indeed, but we are calculting on a very tight budget, so we cannot provide accomodation for people living in Vienna. If you don’t need accomodation, the participation fee is €85.00 instead of €105.00

I can only participate one or two days. Is that possible?

As a MEU is a gradually evolving and very intense work process of debate, amendments and voting procedure, our participants should be available for the whole period of the MEU.

I need a visa for Austria. Can you help me?

For detailed information about visa requirements, please contact the Austrian embassy in your country. Basic information is available here.

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with a formal invitation as our legal and financial status does not allow that. If you need a confirmation that you were selected as a participant, please feel free to CONTACT US directly or send us an e-mail (info@meu-vienna.org)

I want to represent a certain party or a certain country. Is that possible?

The organising team is in charge of determining which role is assigned to whom. To make it fair for everybody, it is not possible to represent your own country. Also, the idea of this simulation is to play an assigned role and represent a stance on topics, which not necessarily is your own.

Can we apply as delegation?

Group applications are not possible, we welcome your seperate applications however. As we aim for diversity in our participants, which ultimately benefits all of you, we can not take into account applications by delegations.

Will there be free time to explore the city?

During the conference, there won’t be much time for classic sightseeing. However, we will try hard to find time in the evenings to show you around in our city, and we definitely keep Sunday afternoon free to show you some touristic hotspots. If you want to have more time for sightseeing, we suggest to book additional nights before or after the conference.

Do you have any further questions?

Don't hesitat to CONTACT US or write us an e-mail!

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