MetroCAD 2020

The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Connected and Autonomous Driving

Detroit USA, February 27-28, 2020

With the burgeoning of Edge Computing and 5G technologies, we envision future vehicles will serve as a computing platform for a variety of services like advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), remote real-time diagnostics, on-board entertainment, and a variety of third-party services, such as public safety. To realize the vision of connected and autonomous driving, researchers and practitioners in the community have to address several challenges, such as communication systems, data analytics platforms, novel algorithms and applications, security, to name a few.




This Year's Focus

Building on the success of the two workshops (MetroCAD 2018 and MetroCAD 2019), the Third IEEE International Conference on Connected and Autonomous Driving aims to bring together the researchers and practitioners on connected cars, autonomous driving, transportation systems and ride-sharing platforms to address core challenges with vehicle connectivity and autonomous driving. The conference will include invited speakers, panels, and presentations. The goal is to discuss and exchange ideas in this area and stimulate the collaboration between academia and industry partners. The topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Consumer services, include Internet- and cloud-based digital services that add to the driving experience.
  • Connected car packages, using advanced features to improve or help manage the car’s operation and autonomous driving.
  • Connected car data operation of various data sources and latency requirements.
  • Artificial Intelligence approaches for control and coordination of traffic leveraging V2V and V2X infrastructures.
  • Security, privacy, ethics, human interaction related with autonomous driving

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