Roll of Honour

1st Methlick Scout Group have in the past accorded the accolade of Honorary Scouter to various individuals who have gone above and beyone what we would expect of a Scout Leader, assistant, or supporter. With the removal of this title by the Association, we felt we should still recognise their commitment and achievements for the Group, and have created a Roll of Honour for them. This just started back in 2018.

To be considered for nomination at the AGM annually a person must fulfil 2 of the criteria below. Only a maximum of 2 people per annum will be added to the roll annually, however there is no requirement to add anyone if no-one is suitable for this accolade.

Nominations will be considered at the first leader meeting of each calendar year, and conformation will be given at the Annual AGM. There is no role in Compass associated with this position. There are no benefits associated with this role either. This can be awarded posthumously. Nominations, in writing must come to a current Leader or Executive member, and must be supported by 3 other leaders/exec members for consideration by the committee.

Individual must meet any two of the requirements below to qualify for consideration:

  • To have served as a leader in any section for over 25 years.

  • To have served 10 years as a leader in two sections (for example you could have done 10 years as a cub leader then 10 years as a scout leader). This could be achieved in consecutively i.e. in 20 years or 10 years if you are a leader in two sections at the same time.

  • To have been a section leader (BSL/CSL/SL or ESL)for over 15 years

  • To have spent 100 nights under canvas or away with any section.

  • Have been made an Honorary Scouter under the previous Scout Association system.

  • To have assisted in over 20 fundraising days or to have raised over £20,000 personally.

  • To have overcome adversity, yet continued their Scouting.

  • To have done something outstanding that deserves recognition from the Group

Consideration does not guarantee entry to the Roll. Members of the Roll can be removed if the individual does anything that harms the name and reputation of 1st Methlick Scout Group or Explorer Unit.

Those who have been deemed worthy to date of this accolade are:


  • Jimmy Duncan MBE (SW)

  • Michael Gardner (SA)

  • Robert Bell (AM)


  • John Brough (BAM)

  • Duncan Ross


  • Ann Gardner

  • Michael Taylor (BAM)