100 years of methlick scouting

"A single line entry in the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Aberdeenshire Scout Council in 1921 to the effect that a Scout Troop had been formed in Methlick, heralded the arrival of a bouncing new infant to add to the increasing family of newcomers to the Scout Movement in the immediate post-war years. Little did the minute writer of the day realise that the infant would quickly grow in stature to become one of the outstanding successes in Aberdeenshire Scouting."

The Book, Methlick Scouting 1920 - 1980

Methlick Scout Group began on 20th September 1920 and from humble beginnings of 12 boys we have grown to 3 full sections of boys and girls in Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts, with an attached Explorer Unit, and our own SAS Unit.

With over 120 people involved in making the Group function it's a remarkable result. 2020 is a special year for us, which we are sure many of you will want to share with us.

!!! Stay tuned for updates on all the activities we are organising to celebrate our centenary !!!