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The purpose of Metaphysical Moonlighters is to bring awareness to esoteric topics. If you have a desire to deepen your knowledge, you will enjoy this website. It is here that you can explore topics such as tarot and astrology and the possibilities of expanding your spiritual practice. We all have psychic abilities. Not everyone wants to expand their awareness of this fact. You can request a reading whether you are trying to expand your spiritual practice or not. Metaphysical Moonlighters is here to guide you. Tarot is largely based on astrology. Citrine (AstroloDee) has created a Tarot deck that will help you to learn Tarot & Astrology. Click Here to purchase the deck. If you are interested in vibing with others who are into Tarot & Astrology, join this FB Group (Tarot, Astrology & Manifesting).....Click Here to Join. Check out the video below to get a better understanding: