"When the well is dry, we will know the worth of water"

District Mission:

Mesa Underground Water Conservation District (Mesa UWCD) will strive for the conservation, preservation, protection, and prevention of the waste of groundwater from the Ogallala Aquifer, the groundwater reservoir over which the District has jurisdiction. The District will implement water conservation and management strategies to prevent the extreme decline of water levels for the benefit of all water right owners, the economy, our citizens, and the environment of the territory inside the District. 

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April 19th, 2023 Agenda

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Pending Wells

Mesa Underground Water Conservation District (Mesa UWCD) will hold a public hearing for the following water well permit applications, April 19th, 2023 at 8:30 a.m. Opposition to granting a permit must be presented IN WRITING to the Water District office at 212 N. Ave. G, Lamesa, Texas by April 13th, 2023 (6 calendar days before the hearing date). Provided Mesa UWCD receives no written opposition or no person appears at the public hearing in opposition, the Directors will consider for approval the following permits:

Peter Klassen, 35-6, Sec. 4, SW ¼, 5 wells, (4) Irrigation, (1) Domestic

Mark Boardman, 35-6, Sec. 2, NW ¼, 1 well, Irrigation

Ross McDonald, 35-6, Sec. 69, SW ¼, 1 well, Irrigation


Andy Bratcher, 36-5, Sec. 10, SW ¼, 1 well, Irrigation


Ronnie Taylor, Blk. M, Sec. 10, SW ¼, 4 wells, Irrigation


Rosa Lee Prichard, Blk. M, Sec. 13, SE ¼, 5 wells, Irrigation


Quinton Kearney, Lg. 277, Tract 29, NE ¼, 1 well, Irrigation


Joy Estes, Lg. 3, Tract 4, SW ¼, 2 wells, Irrigation


Broyles Lamesa Farms, Blk. M, Sec. 61, NW ¼, 2 wells, Irrigation


Mike Mires, Lg. 277, Tract 31, SE ¼, 2 wells, Irrigation


Brian Parsons, 35-4, Sec. 47, NW ¼, 1 well, Domestic


Michael Raney, C-41, Sec. 18, SW ¼, 1 well, Domestic


Brent Hendon, Blk. M, Sec. 50, NE ¼, 3 wells, Irrigation

Regular Business Hours:

Monday- Friday


Office Closed: 

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