Meredith Whitfield

Exhibition Developer

About Me

I'm an exhibition content developer at the Field Museum with 9 years of professional writing experience, 4 of them in museum contexts.

My strengths are storytelling, community collaboration, copywriting, and research.

I believe stories and experiences can transform us, and that equitable exhibition practice matters.

I am standing in front of SUE, a huge fossil T. rex. I am wearing dark blue jeans and a gray sweater and smiling.I am consulting with three co-workers: a Native American woman with brown hair, a woman in a hijab, and a blonde white man with short blonde hairglasses, in front of a white board, which is covered in writing and post-it notes.This is an animated GIF of a group of about 30 people in front of SUE the T. rex fossil. In one frame, we are smiling. In the next frame, we are all acting like dinosaurs.I am standing in a row with other exhibition developers. We are all modeling fingerless gloves.This picture is inside the SUE exhibit. There are three lit-up circular graphics on the wall. I am bent over, operating an exhibit interactive element. A reporter is bent over alongside me, closer to the camera. A cameraman is to the right, filming us.

Selected work

Museum Writing

Selected Labels: Apsáalooke Women and Warriors

Apsaalooke Women and WarriorsOpened 2020

Lead Developer

*Note: these labels were developed in close collaboration with curator Nina Sanders and other Apsáalooke contributors.
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Labels: Dunkleosteus, Tully Monster, Triassic diorama

Evolving PlanetOpened 2020

Lead Developer

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Media & Interactives

"Apsáalooke Creation Story" Media Piece

Apsáalooke Women and WarriorsOpened 2020


Script supervision

Translation supervision

Voiceover direction

"Permian Extinction" Media Piece

Evolving PlanetOpened 2019

Concept development



"Sensing SUE's World" Interactive

SUEElement Opened 2019

Concept development

Visitor testing

Prototype testing

Label writing

"Gear Up" Digital Interactive

Antarctic DinosaursOpened 2018

Game logic design


Visitor testing

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Conference participation

2020 National Museum Publishing Seminar: Panelist

Inclusive Language Roundtable

Museums and the Web 2018: Presenter

Y Tho: Art Memes’ New Online Literacies And Modes Of Everyday Engagement (published paper)

MCN 2018: Presenter, MCN Scholar

Museum memes: a new mode of engagement

2017 Conference of the Inclusive Museum: Colloquium Member

Theorising digital museum objects

2017 Researching Digital Cultural Heritage Conference: Presenter

Y Tho: Unpacking Art Memes as Participatory Intertexts

A recording from my 2017 Researching Digital Cultural Heritage conference presentation

Nice Things Other People Have Said About My Work

From a participant in Calumet Voices, National Stories, a community-led exhibition:

From my boss:

From the head of the University of Manchester Museum Studies programme:

Other Writing

Advertising: "Watch Me Sweat" Campaign

Sweat Cosmetics


Product Copy: COEXIST



Brand Management: Brand Guidelines

EL Studio

Strategic brand management