Planet Money T-Shirt Project

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What is the impact of your t-shirt

Super Shopper Savers Simulation

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Product list with links for research:

Cost Benefit Analysis Activity Products.docx

Graphic Organizer

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Mr. Brennan's Class NTCA Assessment

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Apply for Asylum today

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Transcript for The Boy in the Caravan.docx

Human Rights Vocabulary


Survey for 5.3.18

Economics Extension

We have been studying sanctions on North Korea and some big changes are taking place. Read the article below and answer the questions in the quiz. Once you are done with that answer the following:

Evaluate: What impact do you think the US sanctions on North Korea had in the country deciding to end the Korean war?


6th hour Newsela sign up

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Reading for April 9th

Your assigned reading for Wednesday is below.

Your learning target for today is to understand how supply and demand influence what you see at the store.

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SS.7.17. How does supply and demand influence the price you pay for something? What other factors can also influence the price you pay for something?

This will be graded.

Once you are done, go to Quizlet and practice Vocab.

Thank you for following my expectations and being awesome and incredible students :)


Reading for 1.8.18

Read the articles below and answer the following questions:

    1. How did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 try and solve some of the problems facing the African American community?
    2. Who was Malcom X?
    3. What did he try to do? How did he try and solve the problems facing the Black community?

Quizlet Link for Lynching Vocab


Slavery Inquiry Assignment

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Slavery inqury.docx

Terrorism Since 9/11

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Human Rights Summative Task

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Scoring Rubric

Human Rights Violations Final Task GRASP.docx

GRASP- Final Task instructions

HR Final project outline.docx


H2 Oh No! Summative Task!

H2Oh No Summative Task FINAL.pdf

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