Virtual Reality Arcade and Gaming

Come check out the locally owned, Virtual Reality Arcade, located in Downtown Kent, OH.

v A Variety of Games to immerse the user.

v Multi-player games possible.

v Ability to use your own Steam Account to save your Game’s Progression

Call with any questions!

We are temporarily closed

We are deeply sorry to inform you, but due to the rising COVID cases and the possible loss of our location due to external forces, we will be closing our doors effective 11/21/2020. We have ruminated much on this, sorry for the last minute notice, but we do feel as if it is the safer of our options.

However, we hope this will not be the end of GG VR. We do plan on reopening at a later date at a new location after COVID calms down. Please be patient and check in on our page from time to time to get updates of our progress. We hope to see you all soon! Stay safe everyone!


Sunday - Monday


Tuesday – Wednesday




Friday – Saturday



Time per Station Pricing

15 Minutes $10

30 Minutes $20

1 Hour $30

2 Hours $50

Party Pricing is Dependent on Party size and Hours needed, but it is completely available!!

Contact us with your party specs and we will get the price worked out!!!

Book Online!


You can book a time out for reservation times 24 hours in advance!!

! Walk-ins !

You can book during Walk-In hour online with a 30 minute in advance notice!


We offer two different Memberships here at GG VR:



30 min. VR Experiences per day

30 Minutes Free for outside person 1x month



Unlimited VR Experiences

1 Hour Free for outside person 1x month

+$10/month for each additional member

*Memberships exclude party pricing.

Call or come in for more info and availability!

Current list of VR Games:

*Please know that the list of games available may change upon the season and/or special events. Stay tuned to Facebook or Discord for updates.

**If you have your own steam account and wish to play one of your own games, please call in advance and arrive early so that we can get you logged in and set up. We also minus $5 off your price for owning the game.

Games you need a account for




or Message us on Discord, Facebook, or Email

to make a Reservation

(24-hour advance notice for Resevations)


Discord -


For Events, News and more.