Epic Book Of Epics

Coming Soon!!!

A Role-playing Game where;

    • In-depth Character Creation is valued over blanket stats
      • The idea is to build a person not a character
        • However there is a very simple Character Creator that uses Story more then stats, which can be used in a party using True Character Sheets.
    • In Game Time is valued over Experience Points
      • The only Experience that matters is your Characters Experience through life!
    • Skill Learning is valued over Classes
      • Diversify and learn whatever you want, just like in real life!
    • Species and Race Diversity is valued over Generic Races
      • 20 Divers Species and Race, with Species and Race percentage mixing available!
    • Realism is valued over Pseudo-realism
      • Logic is impotent and so to is the feel that things matter
    • Storytelling is valued over Grinding/Crawling
      • We got Storytellers and we have Instigators... what will you be!