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slim fit vs regular fit


You would think a T-shirt is a T-shirt right? That is not entirely true, because there are many differences between T-shirts. One of the biggest differences is the fit. We explain that here, the features of slim fit vs regular fit. The most famous and used fits are slim fit and regular fit . In short: regular fit is a normal fit and slim fit is a slim, connected fit. But what exactly do they mean?

What is slim fit?

The meaning of slim fit is literally slim fit. A slim fit T-shirt is tighter around your body. The shirt is smaller and usually has more stretch than a regular fit T-shirt. The stretch comes from the addition of elastane. Fitted is also a name that is used for a slim fit shirts. You wear it under a sweater, shirt, cardigan or pullover. With a slim fit shirt you avoid visible contours that would otherwise be visible through the accumulation of dust.

What is regular fit?

Regular fit stands for normal fit. Most standard T-shirts are therefore regular fit.

Regular fit T-shirts from Girav are made of 100% American cotton. Because there is no stretch in these shirts they fall more spacious and comfortable around your body.

Slim fit vs regular fit: what do you choose?

We all have other reasons why we want to wear a slim fit T-shirt or a regular fit T-shirt. Here are the arguments at a glance:

Arguments for regular fit

  • More spacious comfortable fit.
  • As a top and undershirt to wear.
  • Suitable for every man (with or without "gym body").

Arguments for slim fit

  • The shirt is therefore perfectly portable to your body as a undershirt.
  • The stretch ideal freedom of movement.
  • For men with a slim body also as a top shirt to wear perfectly.

Tip: do you like the fabric of slim fit shirts but do not want a connected fit? Order a size bigger! This way your slim fit shirt has a wider fit.

Slim fit and regular fit shirts for tall men

At Capthatt you will find slim fit and regular fit T-shirts in 3 lengths that are suitable for tall men and men who like it when the T-shirt is longer. These long fit T-shirts are a lot longer than normal shirts and do not crawl faster. You also have plenty of choices with us in terms of clothing sizes. So you never suffer from too wide or too short T-shirts. And whether you are looking for extra long mens shirts with short sleeves and prints or even longsleeve variants with solid colors: it is all reflected in our wide range.

Do you already know whether you're going for a slim fit vs regular fit? Or can you use both types in your wardrobe? If you still have doubts about which size and fit is most suitable for you, use our unique measuring system . Moreover, you can always easily exchange your T-shirt with us, if it does not fit in the end.