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High blood pressure: negative consequences for your Brain

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition that should not be underestimated. High blood pressure can seriously affect your health, such as an increased risk of heart disease. High blood pressure can also have a negative influence on other parts of the body. For example, hypertension can cause poor kidney function, problems in the brain and eye problems. To be better prepared for any problems, it can be very useful to measure your blood pressure yourself at home using a blood pressure monitor. A blood pressure monitor offers the advantage that you can monitor your health status very regularly. What are the negative consequences of high blood pressure for your health? Lumonol Best Modern Noopept-based brain Supplement

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High blood pressure and blood vessels

The prolonged suffering of high blood pressure can lead to damage to the artery walls. In the long term you may have to deal with arteriosclerosis. The risk of the persistent high pressure on the artery walls is that the blood vessels can start to thicken and rupture.

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The increased blood pressure can also make the circulation of blood vessels difficult in the brain, and even lead to blood clots. These blood clots can block the blood vessels, which could endanger the supply of oxygen to some parts of the brain . This happens in the case of a cerebral infarction. Another possible consequence is a brain haemorrhage: in that case a blood vessel tears in the brain.

Eye problems

The effects of high blood pressure on the eyes is sometimes underestimated by some people. Nevertheless, high blood pressure can also cause eye problems . The blood vessels behind the eye can be damaged by the prolonged pressure, which can compromise the supply of blood and oxygen to the eyes. Numerous eye diseases are therefore linked to the phenomenon of high blood pressure, such as a broken vein in the eye.

Measuring blood pressure yourself

If you want to measure your blood pressure in a convenient way, you can buy a blood pressure monitor online. A practical blood pressure monitor for personal use is finding more and more reduction in the population: people want to keep their blood pressure in mind to be sure of their situation. It can be a reassurance to regularly measure your blood pressure yourself with the blood pressure monitor . Moreover, a measurement of high blood pressure can ensure that you do not let the problem get in and go to the doctor in time. You are encouraged, as it were, to take a close look at your health situation and follow it up. memory and brain supplements

Supplements for high blood pressure

In severe cases, your doctor may prescribe medication to lower blood pressure. But in addition, it can also be interesting to take dietary supplements that have a positive influence on blood pressure. These are supplements that are useful for the immune system, the veins and the fluid balance. Some examples of supplements that may come in handy to lower blood pressure are:

Vitamin D