Memorial Middle School AVID

"My 6th grade year I was really struggling, I had 1s in almost all my classes, so I desperately needed help. applied for AVID because I needed help. Once I joined AVID I met great friends and teachers who inspired me to succeed."

~Billy, current MMS AVID student

"In AVID you can actually get a question answered by learning how to do it instead of someone just telling you."

~ Megan M., current MMS AVID student

"I have been through a lot this year with my grades varying on the day. It was all a difficult journey, although I had AVID to help me balance my grades,organization etc. i think AVID is a great program to help kids have a brighter happier future because of this i will i hopefully will be in the AVID program for the rest of my school years". ~ Claire, current MMS AVID student