melbourne hang gliding club

about us

The Melbourne Hang Gliding Club is a group of enthusiastic and already-qualified hang glider pilots. We are here to:

  • Look after and help maintain the sites where we fly

  • Build and maintain good relations with the landowners where the sites are located

  • Support our members with regular meetings, safety / training sessions, and flying events throughout the year

But most of all, we aim to provide a support network, connecting new and lower airtime pilots with experienced and local fliers who know the sites extremely well.

If you're not yet qualified but would like to know more about learning to fly, follow the link below to the SAFA (Sports Aviation Federation of Australia) website, to find out more on this amazing sport and where the nearest school to you is.

Monthly Meetings

  • When: 2nd Wednesday of every month at 8pm (usually we are there from 6:30pm for a meal)

  • Where: Wayside Inn, South Melbourne

  • What to expect: We often have a guest speaker on a flying related topic, and it's a great opportunity to catch up with flying mates.