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Lenexa City Council

Ward 3

Leading Lenexa by Listening to Lenexa

Statement on Keeping the Ad Astra Pool

Ward 3 is home to Ad Astra Pool, which the Lenexa City Council recently voted to keep open. I support this decision, and will continue to advocate for the funding necessary to expand, renovate & upgrade not only Ad Astra Pool, but all of the city's aquatic facilities. Public pools are a vital component of our city's high quality of life, as well as an equity issue. If anything, we should be building more public pools, not closing them down. I stand with the Ward 3 residents who have actively organized to save Ad Astra and thank them for their efforts. I was disappointed to see that my incumbent Councilman, did not respect the wishes of his constituents and vote in favor of keeping Ad Astra open.

My name is Melanie Arroyo and I am running for city council. As a clinical counselor and art therapist, I believe in creating a community that supports the mental and emotional health needs of our neighbors through active and empathic listening, and by promoting an atmosphere of care and support in our communities. I am also an avid supporter of the arts for all ages, a proponent of mental health solutions across all settings, and an advocate for diversity and inclusion initiatives. I am fortunate to come from a bicultural upbringing that values family, collaboration, and an impeccable work ethic. Together, let’s move Lenexa forward this November!


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