Ali Mehrizi-Sani, PhD

Associate Professor

Resilient Renewable Energy Grid Adaptation Labortoary (REGAL)

The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Virginia Tech

Contact Information

  • Dr. Ali Mehrizi-Sani, PhD
    Director, Resilient Renewable Energy Grid Adaptation Laboratory (REGAL)
    Associate Professor, Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • 429 Whittemore Hall
    1185 Perry Street
    Power and Energy Center
    Virginia Tech
    Blacksburg, VA 24061

  • Tel: +1 (540) 231-4492

  • Email:

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Prospective Students and Postdocs

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  • Grid/microgrid integration of inverter-based renewables, especially in low-inertia systems, as grid-forming inverters;

  • High-performance controls, including machine learning for black-boxed systems;

  • Cybersecurity of communication-based control and protection methods using 5G and beyond.


  • Undergraduate

    • Microgrids (VT)

    • Power Electronics (WSU)

    • Renewable Energy Resources (WSU)

    • Electric Power Systems (WSU)

    • Electric Machines (ESIGELEC, France)

    • Electric Power Networks (ESIGELEC, France)

    • Electric Machines and Drives (TU Graz, Austria)

    • Intro to Electric Drives (TU Graz, Austria)

  • Graduate

    • HVDC, FACTS, and Renewables (VT)

    • Power System Applications of Power Electronics (WSU)

    • FACTS Devices (TU Graz, Austria)



Awards (Select Merit-Based)

  • 2018: IEEE PES Outstanding Young Engineer Award

  • 2018: ASEE PNW Outstanding Teaching Award

  • 2017: IEEE Mac E. Van Valkenburg Early Career Teaching Award

  • 2017: WSU EECS Early Career Excellence in Research Award

  • 2016: WSU VCEA Reid Miller Excellence in Teaching Award

  • 2016: WSU EECS Teaching Excellence Award

  • 2015: IEEE PES PSDP Technical Committee Working Group Recognition Award

  • 2014: NAE Frontiers of Engineering Education Participant

  • 2011: NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

Current/Past Students

  • Doctoral Students

    • Ehsan Fouladi; 2021--Present

    • Fatemeh Sharifi; 2021--Present

    • Ashwin Venkataramanan; 2021--Present

    • Ardavan Mohammadhassani; 2019--Present

    • Mohammad Mousavi (WSU); 2016--2020

      • Thesis title: “Design and implementation of high-efficiency power converters”

    • Parisa Shabestari ( WSU); 2016--2020

      • Thesis title: “Control of Uncertain Grid-Connected Inverters for Renewable Energy Applications”;

    • Armin Teymouri (WSU); 2016--2020

      • Thesis title: "Power electronics converters for renewable applications under sensor malfunctions and cyber threats”

    • Hooman Ghaffarzadeh (WSU); 2014--2019

      • Thesis title: “Advanced control strategies for renewable energy systems.”

    • Saleh Ziaeinejad (WSU); 2016--2018

      • Thesis title: “Control of voltage-sourced converters considering internal constraints.”

    • Younes Sangsefidi (WSU); 2016--2018

      • Thesis title: “Step-up modular multilevel converters for energy harvesting from low-voltage energy resources”;

    • Mehrdad Yazdanian (WSU); 2012--2016

      • Thesis title: “Advanced control strategies for inverter-based microgrids”;

  • Master's Students

    • Sengal Ghidewon-Abay; 2021--Present

    • Rahul Iyer; 2019--2021

      • Thesis title: "5G schedulers for distributed control in microgrids";

    • Faris Alatar; 2020--2021

      • Thesis title: "Frequency scan–based mitigation approach of subsynchronous control interaction in type-3 wind turbines";

    • Sidhaarth Venkatachari; 2019--2021

      • Thesis title: “Application of neural networks to inverter-based resources”;

    • Asal Zabetian (WSU); 2016--2018

      • Thesis title: “Model predictive control of DC microgrid”;

    • Rabia Khan (WSU); 2015--2017

      • Thesis title: “Fault current limitation using a saturable reactor”;

    • Saleh Ziaeinejad (WSU); 2013--2015

      • Thesis title: “Multilevel voltage-sourced converters for grid applications”;

    • Younes Sangsefidi (WSU); 2013--2015

      • Thesis title: “Predictive control of grid-connected voltage-sourced converters”;

    • Chris Stone (WSU); 2012--2014

      • Thesis title: “Design and real-time validation of set point modulation-based control strategies for power system applications”;