Exemplary Allyship

My current research focuses on exemplary allyship. The goal of this project is to construct an ideal of how individuals from socially privileged backgrounds (i.e., male or White or heterosexual) can be inclusive toward marginalized group members in organizational and institutional settings (including academic institutions, non-profits, public sector organizations, and corporate firms).

What are exemplary inclusiveness and exemplary allyship?

Exemplary Inclusiveness:

Drawing from philosophical traditions in virtue ethics, diversity and inclusion scholarship in management science, moral psychology, and positive psychology, I define exemplary inclusiveness as (a) intrinsically motivated actions (b) that tap into one’s virtues, values and personal strengths (c) in order to support optimal functioning of another, and (d) embrace another as one’s own.

Exemplary Allies:

For the purpose of this research, exemplary allies refer to deeply committed White or male or heterosexual leaders/employees who display exemplary inclusiveness and make exceptional and sustained contributions to advocating for and supporting people of color or women or LGBTQ employees.

Participate in this research!

Interview Study: I am interviewing exemplary allies and gathering their stories and experiences. To access criteria for exemplary allyship please CLICK HERE. To nominate someone you know as an exemplary ally, please CLICK HERE.

Survey Study: If you work at (or are connected to) an organization that has won an award for diversity and inclusion, or has a strong allyship program, I would love to hear from you and explore possibilities of conducting research at the organization. To learn more please CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at Meg.Warren@cgu.edu