Reimagine End of Life Event

Reimagine End Of Life Event

Through funding and support from Reimagine, a series of events across NYC focused on the end of life, we were able to host a workshop (October 2018), for 10 participants. Participants listened to the story, tested the sensory reflections, and made mobiles in groups as a physical reminder of the sensory memories that were significant for them.

" I love touch, and I crave it, but I'm so scared of it. I think I would need a lot of affection and touching but from only few people. "

" The rings on my hand are cold and bright. They remind me to wake up and pay attention to the details in everything I do. Since I've started wearing them, they've become a part of who I am. I would never want to take them off. "

" These raindrops are water droplets and represent the splashing of water from the paddle of a kayak in a lake. I used to kayak every summer and would like this reminder in my environment to give me fond memories of that experience. "


      • Stories emerged but framing needed to be more focused around the end of life environment
      • Next steps should involve more of a practical planning