Who are we? We are glad you asked! We are FLAVOR, FUN, and FAMILY.

Summit Snow found it's flavor when Jacob Neeley asked his cousin and co-founder, Matt Luadzers, what he thought about bringing a shaved ice business to the Holts Summit area.

We began our search for the perfect location and settled on West Simon. We purchased the supplies and shaver and began experimenting at home. Knowing we wanted to offer healthier options, we knew flavor was the main focus after the ice was settled. The very important focus group for flavor tasting were both Jacob and Matt's kids. While the youngest of the bunch doubted the color differences from the artificially flavored syrups, he and the others very quickly realized that the biggest impact was on the tongue. Natural flavoring was the clear winner for Summit Snow.

Fun is really what keeps everyone coming back. Often times you can see good times, smiles, snowball fights and even some dancing through our windows. If you come by at the right time you may even see a full on snowball fight in the parking lot. We cherish life and love to have fun while showing the love to our customers.

Cousins and Co-Owners, Matt and Jacob understand how important families are. A little fact we like to share is that our birthdays are only 1 day apart! Matt is just one single day older, a fact Jacob often rubs in..a lot. Avery, Jacob's daughter, is also an important asset to Summit Snow. She shares in the fun at Summit Snow and enjoys each and every customer. Everyone gets treated like family both as an employee, or as a guest.

Now that we are no longer strangers we hope you will come by and visit or invite us out to your next event. We would sure appreciate it.