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3 Advanced Laser Services Provided by Medical Spas

Laser treatments are a fairly new concept having been developed for cosmetic use and taught on beauty school courses only in recent years, but due to the increased demand for these types of services – more and more medical spas and salons are beginning to offer them. Although the uses of lasers are still being expanded upon, there are 3 particular services that have helped tens of thousands of people to enjoy smoother, clearer looking skin in the past few years alone. These services include:

Laser hair removal

Up until fairly recently, the only few ways to remove unwanted body and facial hair was via waxing, plucking, shaving and threading. Although these methods can be highly effective – the main issue is that they don’t last for very long. Shaving can result in an increased rate of hair growth, while plucking will typically offer slightly longer lasting results, albeit still fairly short.

Laser hair removal on the other hand is capable of ridding unwanted body hair from a variety of regions on the body. Furthermore, one treatment could keep hair away for up to two months, with consistent exposure being capable of completely eliminating hair regrowth from an area.

Laser skin rejuvenation

The dermal layers of our skin are constantly undergoing cycles of growth and renewal. During this process, dead and dying skin cells are supposed to flake off – but an unfortunate side effect of sebum secreted by our pores can result in clumping. Over the years, these cells can begin to weigh skin down, resulting in wrinkles, age lines and crows’ feet.

Laser skin rejuvenation works by targeting a focused beam of laser light that will travel across the upper layer of skin, destroying dead skin cells and revealing a smoother, softer complexion underneath. The process won’t need to be undertaken often, with results occurring upon completion.

Tattoo removal

Tattoos have only recently been linked to causing skin cancer and mutations within the cells of dermal layers. The more tattoos that a person has, the likelier they will be of developing this life-threatening condition. This can be more than enough reason to have a tattoo removed, but other reasons can be a little more personally motivated. In any event, lasers can help with this endeavour.

By focusing the beam on parts of the tattoo it can be possible to break the pigment down until it is all but invisible. The duration of the process will depend on the size and shape of the tattoo – as well as the colours used. In the majority of cases, between 4 and 8 sessions will be needed for complete removal.

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