Using the Report Card View

1. The report card view is spread across three tabs, titled Progress Report, Report 1, and Report 2, which correspond to the three terms.

Each one presents the printed report card view for the respective term and allows for direct data entry in that format.

2. The toolbar, which appears immediately below the tab row, provides several controls.

i. Save

Saves the current student's report card.

ii. Spellcheck

Spell checks all editable comments for the report card.

iii. Print [Progress Report, Report 1, Report 2] to PDF

Prints the report card to PDF for the respective term.

iv. Previous/Next student

This is a button/slider control that allows you to quickly move through students.

Click the buttons to move forward or back by one student.

Alternatively, click and drag the slider nub to jump anywhere within the class.

You will see a tooltip indicating which student you will select when you release the slider.

Editing Report Cards

1. Editing Fields

Editable fields on the report card are indicated by a blue background.

Checkboxes and marks can be directly clicked on to change.

2. Editing Comments

Comments can be typed into. As in the Subject View, comment fields will provide feedback

when their legal amount of space for the PDF has been exceeded.

If too much text is entered, the field background turns from light purple to a peach-orange hue.

Do note that the sizing of the comment fields is almost the same as that of the PDF report card, but not exactly so.

As such, you may find you can enter seemingly more or less than the physical space would allow,

before the field indicates it has overflowed.

Rely on the light purple to peach-orange background colour change as an indication that too much text has been entered.

3. Field disabled / not used

4. Field disabled / not used