Using the Comment Browser

Expanding the Browser

To expand the collapsed Comment Browser, click the left-pointing icon on the top of the collapsed panel bar.

NOTE: You may left-click the mouse, hold the left button down, and drag the left border of the expanded panel to increase or decrease the panel width.

Floating the Browser

Floating the Comment Browser is popping it out of the right panel and putting it in a floating window.

The Comment Browser may be floated from either an expanded or a collapsed right panel.

When the expanded Comment Browser is floated, the right panel only includes the Grade Distribution tool.

To float the collapsed or expanded Comment Browser, you may choose the Open Comment Browser option from the Edit menu.

To float the expanded Comment Browser, you may click the Vertical Thumbtack icon

in the title bar of the expanded Comment Browser to undock it from the panel.

To float the collapsed Comment Browser, you may click the Comment icon on the collapsed panel bar.

Using the Browser

The Comment Browser can be used while in a docked panel or as a floating window.

The panes that make up the Comment Browser can be resized by clicking and dragging their borders.

The Comment Browser allows users to explore their comment libraries, phrase libraries, and expectation sets.

It is available for use in the Subject View, List View and Report tools.

Each library type is differentiated by a different icon but navigated the same way, via a tree structure.

  • Comment libraries are indicated by the icon.
  • Expectations sets are indicated by the icon.
  • Phrase libraries are indicated by the icon.

Click on a collapsed library or folder to expand it i.e. show its (sub)folders.

Click on an expanded library or folder to collapse it, i.e. hide its (sub)folders.

NOTE: Collapsed libraries and folders are marked by the Expand icon.

NOTE: Expanded libraries and folders are marked by the Collapse icon.

1. Navigate the comment library and select the comment you want to apply.

2. Use the slider to select the level of proficiency that is relevant to the selected student(s).

3. Click in the slider's pane to select the comment.

4. Adjust the comment in the Comment pane if necessary.

5. Click the small arrow to select the desired Insert Mode.

    • Insert will add the comment immediately after the cursor.
    • Replace will remove all previous content and insert the new comment.
    • New Line will add the comment on a new line after the existing text.
    • Append will add the comment at the end of the existing text after entering a blank.

6. Click the exclamation mark to apply the comment to the student that has been selected using the Navigation Panel.

This step applies to Subject View, Progress Report, Report 1 and Report 2. For the List View tool, click instead the exclamation mark of Apply Comment to Selection in the toolbar.


Tokens within comments are supported by the Comment Browser.

Gender tokens will be properly replaced with him/her, his/her, etc. as appropriate for the student.

The ~Name token will be replaced with the student's first name.

NOTE: The gender token replacement requires proof-reading, as certain ambiguous grammatical forms can not be handled with complete accuracy.

Docking the Browser

To dock the floating Comment Browser, which is to place it back in the right panel, either expanded or collapsed,

whatever the case may be, click the Horizontal Thumbtack icon in the top right of the Comment Browser window.

Collapsing the Browser

To collapse the docked Comment Browser, click the right-pointing icon on the panel top.