Menu Bar, Navigation and Grade Distribution

Menu Bar

File Menu

a. Saves the current student's report card. Modifications for other students will not be saved.

b. Open the connection settings dialog to re-login as a different user or with a modified school year.

The connection settings dialog allows you to re-authenticate, switch users, or switch years.

The dialog contains all settings needed to authorize and link to a particular school year.

These settings are:

    • Host: The IP host, such as
    • System: The number for your database, found in the mxWeb Profile
    • User name: The name you use to login to mxWeb with
    • Password: The password you use to login to mxWeb with
    • School Year: The name of the active Data Set, as displayed by the mxWeb Site Manager

Most of these settings do not need to be entered. They are automatically loaded for you when you first come to the Ontario Report Card screen.

The password is not automatically populated, and if the session is lost while working in the report card, you will be prompted to re-enter it.

If you do not see classes in your navigation panel, or the report cards claim to be of an unsupported type,

it is likely the Data Set value is incorrect or points to a previous year.

c. You may deselect the Autosave data functionality (i.e. the automatic periodic data saving), which is enabled by default.

d. Opens the Comment Builder in a separate window.

e. Navigates back to the eTeacher main menu page.

f. Logs the user out and returns to the login screen.

NOTE: If you have extended permissions, the file menu will display an additional tool, Customize Report Card.

Please refer in this case to the Customising the Report Cards article.

Edit Menu

a. Causes the Comment Browser to be displayed as a movable, resizeable window.

b. Ensure this checkbox is checked if you want to set Total Times Late and Total Days Absent in the Subject View / Homeroom screen.

Ensure this checkbox is unchecked if you want to set Times Late and Days Absent in the Subject View / Homeroom screen.

c. Toggles the display of classes taught by other teachers in the Subject View.


Sets a default behaviour for IEP checkboxes in Report 1 and Report 2.

By default, Always ask is selected and the user is always prompted.

Choosing either of the first two options, suppresses this prompt and automatically uses

either the Modified Curriculum Expectations or Alternative Learning Expectations IEP statement when needed.

Help Menu

a. Links to the online mxWeb help for the Ontario Report Card (currently under development).

b. Pops up a simple About dialog box with the name and company of the product.


1. Click the left-pointing icon to collapse the Navigation Panel.

A. To expand the collapsed Navigation Panel, click the right-pointing icon on the top of the collapsed panel bar.

2. Your school

3. Your name

4. Class

1. Click a class to select it and see the list of the students that take the class.

When you click on a class, the expansion icon is replaced by the collapse icon and the list of the students that take the class is displayed.

2. Click a student to select the student and enable all the available tools.

NOTE: Click again the class if you want to reverse the class selection, i.e. to collapse the list of students and show only the class name.

When a student is selected, the following tabs are displayed:

Subject View, List View, Progress Report, Report 1 and Report 2.

The Subject View tool is started automatically. Other tools can be selected by clicking the tabs.

A.The currently selected class and student.

B. Selected student, displayed against a blue background

C. Tools available by clicking on the respective tabs

Grade Distribution

The Comment Browser and Grade Distribution are provided in the right panel. Expand this panel if necessary.

Regarding the Comment Browser, please refer to the Using the Comment Browser article.

The Grade Distribution tool shows the distribution of grades for the selected class during the current term.

A. Grade Distribution pie chart

B. Hold the left mouse button down and drag the Grade Distribution pane border up or down

to make appear/increase or decrease the Grade Distribution pie chart.

C. Click to maximize the Grade Distribution pie chart.

By clicking the thumbtack, the Comment Browser is floated.

If the Comment Browser window hides the Grade Distribution,

click the Comment Browser window header, hold the mouse button down and drag.