Customising Report Cards

The Report Card Manager can be used to create a custom report card template.

To achieve this, the user starts by selecting one of the report cards.

The selected report card's template is made available in an MS Word editor.

The user customises the template and saves it as a PDF file locally.

Finally, the user uploads to the server the PDF file for future use.

Report Card Manager Toolbar

NOTE: These tools are disabled as long as no report card is selected.

1. Downloads an MS Word version of the selected report card default template

that can be customized and saved as a PDF file for later uploading.

2. Uploads the Custom PDF file to the server to replace the current (default or custom) PDF file.

3. Deletes the currently uploaded custom PDF file for the selected report card, reverting to the default PDF file.

NOTE: This tool is disabled if no custom PDF file is currently uploaded for the selected report card.

4. Download is from the server the uploaded custom PDF file for the the selected report card.

It is the default report card template that is downloaded if no custom

template for the selected report card is present on the server.

Report Card Manager Controls

1. Click on a report card to select its default template for customising

NOTE: The selected report card is displayed against a light blue background

2. Two drop-down fields allow you to choose the board and year.

NOTE: Customisations are specific to a board and year

3. The Custom PDF file field allows you to choose a custom report card template for uploading.

Click the Browse... button to navigate to the desired PDF file.

How to Create and Upload a Custom PDF

1. Select your board from the Board drop-down field.

2. Select the current school year from the Year drop-down field.

3. Click on the report card whose default template you wish to customize.

NOTE: The selected report card is displayed against a light blue background

4. Click on Download Template to open the report card default template as an MS Word document.

5. Edit the report card in MS Word. Fill in the board logo in the top right.

NOTE: The system will not automatically add the board logo

6. When you have finished modifying the report card template, save it as a PDF file.

7. Click the Browse... button and select the saved PDF file.

8. Click the Upload Custom PDF button to upload it to the server.

NOTE: If the uploading is successful, the following dialog pops up:

NOTE: The report card icon for which a custom PDF file has been uploaded is marked by a star:

NOTE: If the uploading fails, an error dialog pops up:

TIP: Make sure in this case that you selected the Custom PDF file using the Browse... button.

9. Click the Preview button to verify the uploaded PDF file.