OnSIS Export

The OnSIS Export tool can be accessed by clicking on the Import-Export icon located on the main page of mxweb under the Admin Functions.

In order to successfully generate and download your OnSIS data from mxweb, you must first upload your enrolment files.

  1. Select your board using the Board drop-down on the right.
  2. Use the Expand icon beside each of the schools on the left to upload the enrolment file of the respective school. The Expand icon is replaced by the Collapse icon and a Browse… button appears.
  3. Click Browse… and select the enrolment files of the school. The Collapse icon reverts to the Expand icon, which is now displayed against a red background.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all the schools for which you want to generate OnSIS files.
  5. After having selected the enrollment files of all relevant schools, click Upload Enrolment files.

When you upload the enrolment files, mxweb may display error messages to help you fix any problems that may have been detected in the enrolment files.

Normally, however, no errors should occur at this point.

Once you have successfully uploaded the enrolment files, you can generate and export your OnSIS data.

  1. First, ensure the correctness of the settings on the right: OnSis Period, Submission year and School Period.
  2. Click the Include OnSis Average and/or Departed Students Only checkbox(es) if you want to select the respective option(s).
  3. Use the checkboxes provided on the left to select the schools for which you want to generate the OnSIS files. You may click in the top checkbox to select all schools at once.
  4. Click Generate OnSis File(s). It will take a while until all the files are generated. You may see at this point errors and warnings to which you need to pay close attention. The generated OnSIS files may not be useful until the errors and warnings are addressed.
  5. Once the OnSIS Export tool has completed building the files, they are available for download.
    • By clicking the blue link next to a school name, the OnSIS file that contains data about the school will be downloaded.
    • If you click Download OnSIS files, all selected schools’ files will be zipped together and the resulting zip file will be downloaded.
  6. Submit the individual file(s) or the zip file to the Ontario Ministry of Education.