News Editor

News Editor's Main Capabilities

Click the News Editor icon under Admin Functions to start this tool.

Click New Article to create a new article.

Click Propagate Articles to populate every system (database) on the server with the listed articles.

NOTE: Locked articles will not be propagated to other systems since they are specific to the system that you are currently logged in.

Locked systems will be described in the next section.

Click the Delete icon at the left of an article to delete it.

Click the article, or the Edit icon at the left of an article, to edit it.

Creating and Editing News

Creating a new article and editing an existing article are similar.

Please note how the Title and the Caption of the article are displayed on the right of the screen:

The title is This article's title is displayed... in this example.

Note that the title is displayed a hypertext link in mxWeb.

When clicked, the article's content is displayed:

The Sort order determines in which order the articles are displayed.

The articles must be assigned distinct sorting order numbers, for example consecutive numbers from 1 to the number of articles.

They will be displayed in the order indicated by their Sort order fields.

In order for an article to be displayed, it is necessary that

  • the Publish radio button be checked and
  • the article be not expired.

The Date expires is one of the fields that may be set by the user. If left unset, the article will never expire.

The Date created field is used to display the date below the article's title.

Check the Article is for this database only (lock) to ensure that the article

  • cannot be propagated to other databases and
  • cannot be erased during propagation from other databases.

Locked articles are specific to the currently selected database.

Click the Save button to save the article's fields, whether newly created or modified.

Click the Preview button to view the article's content as displayed when its title is clicked: