Editing and Adding Members in your School

Editing and Adding Members in your School

These instructions are intended for use with your users who already have a username. Please refer to our ‘Registering Users’ document if you are looking for information on how to add new users to your sites.

Open the Site Manager under Admin Tools

To begin editing and adding members to a site, please login to mxWeb and open the Site Manager under the Admin Tools section or if you have a different view, “Click Admin Tools at the top of the page, then click Site Manager”.

Click on your School within your site

Once you are in the Site Manager, you may see your district or your school. If you see a district, click on the expanding box. Then, click on your school and you will now be able to add members to it. We are using Cable Beach High School as an example.

Click on the Member tab.

This will allow you to view your Administrators, Principals, Teachers, or Other. Click on the expanding box beside each member type.

Missing Usernames?

If a member in one of your schools is missing their username, you can quickly add it if they already have a username assigned. In the Site Manager, click on the edit icon next to their name in the Member Window or click on their name, then click the Edit button where you see Deactivate Member, Modify Permissions, etc.

Enter the username that is assigned to this staff member in the username box and click on the Save button. Please select the checkbox beside the user account text field, “Use same profile as user account” to avoid any issues with your demographic information not being synced properly.

The username you entered will now be associated with this staff member.

Adding a staff member to a new site

If a staff member with a username already exists within your system you can add them manually to any location. You can also use this method to add additional roles onto a person’s membership (for instance if a teacher is a department head and will be conducting observations on the other staff)

In Site Manager select the location you wish to add the staff member to and select the member tab.

Click on Create Member

Make sure you have selected the appropriate type of member from the drop down box provided (Administrator, Principal, Teacher, Student).

Enter the username associated with the staff member you are adding to the site in the User account box provided and click on the checkbox ‘Use same profile as user account’.

Click Save to complete the addition.

This user account and staff member will now be associated with their new location.

**This type of user addition does not remove a user from previous location. An import that is setup to do so will. If you wish to remove a user from a location you need to use the red arrows located next to their member role in the Site Manager as seen above or by using the ‘Deactivate’ button located in the school manager